It's About Homeland Security

Let’s face it… Homeland security is perceived by most to be a department or division of the United States Government, but to those of us on the ground, it is a goal, a lifestyle and our concern every morning when we start our shifts.

Patriam Shield understands that homeland security is something we should strive for every day and that in order to meet the challenges of a constantly changing world, training and expertise needs to be available…and simple.

With billions of dollars spent on “homeland security” since 9/11, very little of this money has made it any easier for you to get the training, education, or attention you need.

Patriam Shield was created by responders for responders in order to bring the expertise, case studies, trainings and exercises to YOU directly; but there is more… when we bring it to you, it is customized to fit your concerns, your needs, your agency, your responders and your world.

Homeland Security education that makes sense is finally here.

Stop trying to figure out what 2% of your department is going to the next conference.

Stop trying to hold table top exercises on tables that are too small for your scope of responsibility.

Stop settling for educational events that don’t speak to your needs and concerns.

Start seeing homeland security from a new perspective.


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