The growing field of homeland security, emergency services and disaster response should be, of all things, practical.

The problem with current homeland security training is that it is based on theories, models and concepts created after events such as Katrina, 9-11, the Las Vegas shooting, etc.  Now, in the wake of the 2017 hurricane and fire seasons, more trainings will develop and more classes will be offered based on case studies.

It is safe to say that our current state of education is still primarily reactive, and while there are many that are attempting to create pro-active programming, there are few out there doing so from the field and with a lifetime of experience behind them.  It is also safe to say that this is what makes Patriam Shield the wise choice for preparing your agency, organization and/or personnel for what could be around the next corner of history.

Patriam’s instructors have spent their lives in the world of public policy, law enforcement, technology development, emergency response, disaster recovery and public education.  Our staff has done the time in the trenches to bring you the perspective needed to make sure you are utilizing your time and budget in the most efficient way to not only prepare for, but to circumvent the effects of the next event.

Current application of lessons-learned are directed primarily toward existing leadership, officials and administrators in order to “forewarn” against re-occurrences, but at Patriam, past events are only used as a mile-marker that has been passed encouraging those on the homeland security and emergency management battlefields to use these events as the catalyst to not only rethink current abilities and plans but to imagine what happens next.

Whether you are seeking to create an efficient and effective UAV/Drone program or you are attempting to train a group of leadership at a church for an active shooter situation, Patriam is committed to bringing you the very best options coupled with the experience and knowledge needed to make sure your plan will work when that day arrives.