Developing or re-developing standards is a fantastic way for administrators and their teams to collaborate for everyone’s benefit, but without the guidance of an outside team with the right expertise, the impact can result in lives lost.

Patriam Shield follows a flexible framework for developing better practices and new SOP’s that
create a positive environment as well as a new confidence in your plan.

From the simple problem solving and annual reviews to the large-scale creation of a whole new plan, Patriam Shield can assist you in making sure you have created the right plans, programs, schedules and goals for your organization or agency.

With decades of experience behind us, we understand the difficulties in balancing long-term planning and how it collides with a constantly changing environment. We can help. Every consultation starts with a process called the “Red Wagon Roundtable” which was created by one of our founders in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. During this initial consultation, we will not only discover what it is that you wish to focus on, but we’ll assess what areas you might be overlooking, pitfalls ahead and how to keep your newly adopted plans or education flexible enough to fit today’s world.

You are not hiring Patriam Shield; you are entering into a new partnership. Patriam Shield is in this for the long-haul, just like you and therefore we approach each consultation with a sense of urgency and ownership, just like you.

We plan on working WITH you, not for you. Our goal is to engage stakeholders and foster collaboration
while creating the most secure environment possible for YOUR homeland whether that be a state, a church, a village, a township, a tribal community, school or region.