Emergency management and response training has changed significantly over the last 25 years.  Now, most training has been pushed over to the internet with literally thousands of trainings available online and even through apps. While distance learning has its advantages, it has been our experience that this online world of training and preparation does not always translate well to real-life.

We believe that after your classroom experience, real-time, real-life exercises test what you have learned and help you discover what is still missing.

For years our instructors have been offering, planning and executing real-life exercises for agencies around the country. The process is simple; simply contact us and start by letting us know just what you think your weaknesses may be, what you wish to implement in your responses or what your history has been in disasters or large-scale events.

Once we have started this consultation, we will visit with you about budget, time constraints, scheduling and what agencies and departments you want to participate.

​Our special exercise team will work with you and your planning team to put together a life-like exercise unlike anything you have been through before. The details of each exercise are kept confidential and “need-to-know” so that your participants are actually responding to the “unknowns”, just like in a real scenario.  Whether we use our teams or local actors, we will coordinate, bring the moulage specialists, the props and the experience.

Not ready for a full-scale? Our team is ready to assist you in planning your Table Top (TTX), Game, Functional Exercise (FE) and Full-Scale (FSE) as it fits your capabilities, schedule, requirements and needs.