Eddy Weiss

Eddy Weiss is a nationally renowned expert in the fields of Emergency Management, Disaster Preparedness, Terrorism, BIO Terrorism, and all types and phases of disasters. With over 80 certifications to his credit from prestigious organizations such as FEMA, John's Hopkins, Yale University School of Medicine, and the National Emergency Response & Rescue Training Center (NERRIC), Eddy is one of the leading experts in Emergency Preparedness and is able to speak on a wide array of subject matters involving crisis and emergency responses.
Eddy Weiss' knowledge and expertise comes from an incredible number of hands on experiences with virtually every major act of domestic terrorism and national disasters this country has faced over the last 15 years. From 9-11, to Katrina, Sandy, to Columbine, Eddy and his C4L team of responders have been there as first responders and assisting agencies and individuals cope with crisis. His first hand account of terrorism and national disasters provides a backdrop to his keynote addresses and puts him as the respected authority on the subject. Eddy's unique perspective breathes fresh air into a subject few wish to talk about; what if it happens here?

"We are living in a time where practical solutions need to take priority over popular ideas because the unimaginable is too quickly becoming the new normal."

Luisa Winters

Luisa Winters is an internationally celebrated pilot, instructor, presenter, and musician. An accomplished videographer, editor, 3D animator and graphics designer, she has created and edited scores of broadcast video and web projects for corporate, government, and educational, commercial and private clients.

Luisa is a private pilot, and can often be seeing flying her club's airplane out of Freeway Airport (W00), near Washington D.C.

An Adobe Master Instructor, Luisa has been an educator for over 30 years teaching Adobe, Apple and production classes for clients in government, military and private organizations.

Luisa specializes in training and consulting for our brave men and women of the military. Having trained hundreds of students from Combat Camera, DMA, Air National Guard, Marines and others, makes Luisa the ideal instructor who understands the needs of the students.

“Flying and teaching became natural to me; if we can teach people how to fly, they will continue life believing there’s nothing they cannot do."


Robin Priestley

Robin spent nearly 30 years in the US Navy and Coast Guard Auxiliary as a propulsion engineer and member of the “Flying Squad”.  During his time in the Navy he was recognized as a command sailor of the year both for Submarine Forces Atlantic, SUBLANT, and Surface Forces Pacific, SURFPAC. He's operated in nearly every ocean and sea and has conducted security screens with the Secret Service and DHS, joint operations with Federal, State and local agencies, including I.C.E., RCMP and Canadian Coast Guard.  He's also worked homicide investigations with Illinois State Police and has participated in countless SAR missions and diver rescues.

When called for, Robin will boldly leverage any number of “personal insights” to drive home the salient points. I.E., electrocutions, brain injuries, cave and wreck diving “near misses” or relationship trouble.  Robin is an invited speaker and sought-after instructor across a wide spectrum of subjects.  Regardless of the topic, attendees gain far more than they thought possible.

Robin trains first responders and police in various subjects beyond those needed by marine rescue teams, leading to a diverse list of clients including NHRA race tracks and engineering societies, among many others.

Bobby Lacer

Bobby Lacer has been actively involved in emergency services for over two decades.  He first began work in the field in 1998 as a K-9 handler for Lexington, KY based Bluegrass Search & Rescue.  Since that time, he has volunteered as a firefighter for four (4) different fire departments, two (2) different Search & Rescue squads, has worked personal and professional security for numerous individuals and organizations, volunteered in leadership roles with several national organizations and is now candidate for Constable in his home state of Kentucky.
In addition to emergency services, Bobby has proven his commitment to community development/improvement through his many other volunteer efforts.  He has held high-level leadership roles with service organizations like the Lions Club International, Boy Scouts of America, NAIFA, United Way, and many more.  He is also a 2007 graduate of Leadership Kentucky and in 2006, he was awarded the "President's Call to Service Award" from the White House and was recognized with a proclamation of "Bobby Lacer Appreciation Day" by his hometown both for his many years of community service. He was specifically recognized for his many years of public service as a community advocate, firefighter, search & rescuer, and public safety officer.
Lacer is also well educated and respected as a business professional.  He earned his Master of Science in Marketing & Communication from Franklin University in 2003 and his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Kentucky in1997.  Since 2005, he has been teaching college as an adjunct professor for numerous Kentucky colleges, including; the Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS), Sullivan University, and the former Mid-Continent University.
In addition to his education and volunteer experience, Lacer has been involved in politics at the local, state, and national levels.  He has held multiple party leadership roles, worked on a number of high-profile campaigns, and even served as a state delegate for national conventions and on the electoral college.  His education, volunteerism, and political experience, gives him a very specific skill set that brings a great deal of value to the Patriam Shield team.
"For the first time in decades, Americans are asking questions and desire more information about how the United States government, the military, and local/regional emergency services teams are working to provide they and their families the highest level of protection.  A small amount of knowledge goes a long way towards building public confidence.  My only wish is that I can play a small part in helping to build that confidence and by assisting in the education of my neighbors."

Robin Goodlick

Robin grew up a pretty simple farm girl in Central Illinois. After attending college in Champaign, Illinois, she continued to live and work in the rural environment by securing employment in the agricultural industry. Over the years, a great desire continued to grow inside of her, see more and to make a difference in people’s lives.

​September 11th was a traumatic time for many of us around the United States but for her it was a wake-up call to start looking for an opportunity to become involved in some kind of response work. After over a decade, a gentleman came to speak at her local church about how response was actually a calling and that in these present times, more people were being called than ever before.

She knew she was one of those people. Within 6 months Robin found herself standing at Bennet Air Field in Brooklyn looking into the face of Hurricane Sandy with over 800 emergency services personnel. Her life was changed forever.

​Since then she has served as a field operations specialist for a tactical operations unit based out of the Midwest and still live in a town where they are overly proud of their single stop-light.  She has deployed in over a dozen states and worked on everything from hurricanes to missing person searches and major floods. she now works side by side with those brave men and women she began praying for after September 11, 2001.

She has two great passions right now; one is drones in emergency response and homeland security and the second one is seeing young people, especially young women, find excitement in the world that has now become my home.

Jonathon Weiss

Recognized as a child prodigy of sorts shortly after the Joplin, Missouri tornado in 2011, Jonathan Weiss set the bar high for himself.  Owner of UAV solution company JonnyUAV, at age 16, this young man has already begun to turn heads in the realm of homeland security and emergency response.  Recently, Jonathon received a medal for his work during the Hurricane Harvey response in Texas as he assisted as a command technician working with the 1st Battalion (Airborne) 143rd Infantry Regiment and assisted in operating a temporary medical facility in Port Arthur, Texas.

Jonathon has already worked closely with EMS, fire and police departments around the country assisting in UAV program creation, piloting and disaster response all while creating a company around UAV safety platforms he manufacturers in his home state of Iowa.

A homeschooler, Jonathon has spoken at several events around the country and is currently working with RobinAerial.com on a 2018 STEM education tour throughout the Midwest.

“I was raised in this world of emergency management and response so a paper route wasn’t really in the cards.  At a young age I began to figure out that sometimes the practical solution is usually the smartest one and I continue to mix that theory with everything I learn and attempt to do.  As a young person, it is scary to think that I could be somebody to look up to already, but I am glad I have had so many accomplishments this early because it has caught the attention of a lot of young people that need to believe they can be anything they want to be.  As for homeland security, I believe that whatever we do, whatever we implement and whatever our response, it needs to be about the people first; about the responders and the victims.”

Edward Pachell

Edward is a Philadelphia based UAV pilot and industry educator with over 5 years of industry experience and hundreds of hours of flight time, specializing in content creation/collection, safety/skills training and workflow/product consulting.

His work has been featured by many media organizations, including but not limited too: Philadelphia Magazine, Visit Philly, The Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau, 6 ABC Action News, Technically Philly, and many others.

His UAV education highlights include delivering hands on cinematography workshops at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference, delivering industry safety and business development lectures at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, and serving as a guest lecturer for the Philadelphia Area New Media Association.

Additionally Edward is an instructor and consultant for a wide variety of professional and government organizations. When he's not flying a drone or teaching someone else about drones, Edward can usually be found going on walks around town in Philly with his wife Maria and dog Richie or pulling for his alma mater Villanova University's basketball team.

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