It’s about time you had options.

The Patriam team has worked for years to create new programs, trainings, workshops and presentations geared to how you work, where you work and what you need.  There are no “cookie-cutter” solutions in our repertoire.  Every Patriam Program is created by consultants that still have their own boots on the ground, operate in your world, and live the same life you do.  These trainings are created BY responders FOR responders.

Are you looking to raise the standard of excellence and performance within your agency?  Patriam Shield is geared to make a long term commitment to you as our consultants will visit with you and help you plan both short-term and long-term training programs.

Patriam Shield can assist you in the continuing education goals of your local responders, help set up training classes and introduce you to new equipment, techniques and products that will keep your organization on top of the latest in homeland security technologies and practices.

Roaming and Virtual Trainings

We are pleased to be announcing that Patriam Shield now is overcoming the “Can’t go-Can’t Learn” problem that plagues the world of homeland security, response and recovery.  For years our trainers and educators have spoken at some of the worlds largest conferences but we were well aware that those in attendance were a select few and rarely did we ever get to teach an entire department or agency.  Obstacles such as cost, travel and schedule prevents most responders from attending the conferences they need the most, so Patriam Shield has secured key locations around the world and will be releasing schedules so making trainings available near YOU.

With locations now in Chicago, IL, New York, Toronto, ON, Dubai, Boston, MA, Philadelphia, PA, Washington D.C., Orlando, FL, and Irving, CA trainings are now going to be available throughout the year and easy to attend.  Aside from these locations, Patriam Shield is presently working on a “hosting program” so trainings can be scheduled even closer to where you need them and near those that need to attend.

Still not enough?  Don’t use half of your budget on travel!  Patriam Shield is now offering “Virtual Classroom” experiences that puts an instructor right in your facility on a screen while maintaining complete interaction between your responders and our Patriam expert!